Video Modules taken from our Essentials Live Training

Module 4: Getting Data in Power BI Desktop

  • Understand Power BI Navigation
  • Explore Different Data Sources in Power BI
  • Get Data from Excel File
  • Get Data from Access File
  • Get Data from the public Web
  • Get Data from Azure SQL Database
  • Get Data from Azure SQL Database with SQL

Module 5: Transform Data with Power Query

  • What is data transformation?
  • Navigate the query editor & view Table attributes
  • Remove empty rows and irrelevant columns
  • What are applied steps?
  • Rename columns and change data types
  • Split columns & Correct spelling mistakes
  • Change cases, Clean data, fix duplicates

Module 6: Power Query In-depth

  • Append data and Merge columns
  • Unpivot and Pivot tables
  • Understand applied steps, delete applied steps
  • Rename applied steps
  • Explore Advanced editor & M
  • Understand the code behind each step
  • Load and Apply data

Module 9: Data Visualization Part 1

  • Understand report view navigation
  • Understand report themes
  • Create a card
  • Create a matrix
  • Create a table
  • Create a bar chart
  • Create a column chart
  • Create a line chart
  • Create a pie chart

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