Level 1: Essential Power BI

We’ll guide you step-by-step to create insightful reports and dashboards with Power BI.
The whole process from:

  • Importing, transforming & modelling the data
  • Creating Reports and Dashboards
  • Collaborating & sharing those insights

You’ll be left with a valuable set of skills that will help you and your organization succeed.

Course Details

Formats: In-person, Live online, eLearning
Ave. Class Size: 5
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Times: Starts Weekly
Price: Starting from $295
Certificate of Completion
Course PDF Guide & Notes

Course Outline

Module 1: Fundamentals of Business Intelligence

  • Why is Data Analytics important?
  • Limitations of Conventional Data Analysis
  • What is Business Intelligence (BI)?
  • Key Concepts in Business Intelligence
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence

Module 2: Fundamentals of Power BI

  • Power BI Types: Desktop, Service, Mobile, Server
  • License Types: Free, Pro, Premium
  • Why use Power BI and not Excel?
  • Terminology for Power BI:
  • Power Query, DAX, M, Reports, Dashboards

Module 3: Setup Power BI

  • Download Power BI desktop
  • Sign up for Power BI Service
  • Set up Office 365 Enterprise E3 trial account
  • Upgrade to Power BI Pro

Module 4: Getting Data in Power BI Desktop

  • Understand Power BI Navigation
  • Explore Different Data Sources in Power BI
  • Get Data from Excel File
  • Get Data from Access File
  • Get Data from the public Web
  • Get Data from Azure SQL Database
  • Get Data from Azure SQL Database with SQL

Module 5: Transform Data with Power Query

  • What is data transformation?
  • Navigate the query editor & view Table attributes
  • Remove empty rows and irrelevant columns
  • What are applied steps?
  • Rename columns and change data types
  • Split columns & Correct spelling mistakes
  • Change cases, Clean data, fix duplicates

Module 6: Power Query In-depth

  • Append data and Merge columns
  • Unpivot and Pivot tables
  • Understand applied steps, delete applied steps
  • Rename applied steps
  • Explore Advanced editor & M
  • Understand the code behind each step
  • Load and Apply data

Module 7: Data Modelling

  • Data Modelling, Understand the Star Schema, Fact & Dimension Tables
  • Why data models are more efficient than flat data sets?
  • Understand Cardinality & Relationships
  • Understand the Unique identifier & Cross Filter Direction
  • Understand the Snowflake Schema
  • Explore the Model view
  • Create a Data Model and Edit relationships

Module 8: DAX Fundamentals

  • What is DAX?
  • How is DAX different from Excel functions?
  • What are calculated columns & calculated measures?
  • Create a Calculated column using DAX
  • Create a Measure using DAX
  • Format or change the data type
  • Create Quick Measures

Module 9: Data Visualization Part 1

  • Understand report view navigation
  • Understand report themes
  • Create a card
  • Create a matrix
  • Create a table
  • Create a bar chart
  • Create a column chart
  • Create a line chart
  • Create a pie chart

Module 10: Data Visualization Part 2

  • Create a treemap chart
  • Enable maps in settings
  • Create a bubble & filled map
  • Create an Azure map
  • Create a gauge visualization
  • Add visuals from Microsoft app store
  • Create a radar chart

Module 11: Visual Interaction & Slicing

  • Understand Highlighting & Filtering
  • Cross filter through visuals
  • Change the default interaction in settings
  • Turn visual interactions on and off
  • Create a slicer

Module 12: Implementing Filters

  • Explore visual, page & report level filters
  • Understand Top N filtering
  • Understand Advanced filtering
  • Implement a drill down filter
  • Implement a drill through filter

Module 13: Custom Filtering & Slicing

  • Add a button to a drill through filter
  • Explore more slicer options
  • Explore custom slicer options
  • Get a custom slicer from the App store
  • Use the custom Timeline slicer

Module 14: Explore Power BI Desktop Options

  • Explore highlight & focus mode
  • Download data from a visual
  • Create and duplicate a new page
  • Create shapes and text boxes
  • Understand the mobile and web layout
  • Print and save a report
  • Publish report to Power Bi Service

Module 15: Start using Power BI Service

  • Get started with Power Bi Service
  • Understand Workspaces
  • Open and edit your report in Power BI service
  • Publish to the web
  • Convert report to a Power Point
  • Generate a QR Code
  • Excel and Power BI Service

Module 16: Dashboards

  • Pin visuals from report to dashboard
  • Customize, resize, and move a visual
  • Create an image and video tile
  • Apply an alert on a card
  • Comment on a dashboard
  • Pin complete report to dashboard
  • Customize dashboard for mobile view
  • Share your dashboard

Module 17: Natural Language Query with Q&A

  • What is Natural Language Query and Q&A
  • Craft your questions correctly
  • Create visualizations from your questions
  • Pin visuals to the dashboard

Module 18: Use Excel with Power BI

  • Use Excel with Power BI datasets
  • Analyze in Excel
  • Connect to a Dataset from Excel
  • Create a Pivot Table and Chart with Dataset
  • Use existing Excel in Power BI Desktop
  • Use existing Excel in Power BI Service

Module 19: Explore Power BI Insights

  • What are “insights”?
  • Explore insights at the dataset level
  • Explore visuals created by this option
  • Explore insights at the dashboard level
  • Explore insights at the report level
  • Pin insight visual to dashboard

Module 20: Create a Power BI App

  • Why use a Power BI App?
  • Create an App
  • Create an Audience
  • Publish the App
  • View the App
  • View App Samples

Module 21: Power BI mobile & Sample Reports, Dashboards

  • Look at sample reports & dashboards
  • Get sample reports & dashboards
  • Explore sample reports & dashboards
  • Download & log in to Power BI mobile app
  • View underlying reports & dashboards
  • Annotate visuals and share using other apps

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